' Really good conversations have the appropiate breath and depth, consistency, clarity and brevity...and an honest effective synthesis'

Mempathy is narrative clicking experience :  a transformative relationship with constellations and  words, in order to discover something about yourself. A conversation in the stars with an Artificial Intelligent agent . 

Take a comfty spot and enjoy this calmed experience!

Navigate making click  over the stars to discover how the conversation should be developed. Depending on the path you take, you might be conducted to  a different conversation.  Part of this conversation is made by an artificial Intelligence agent that is using a different kind of font

You might find Stars, Planets and Paths as main elements : Stars will unveil words, planets symbolize silence and paths the way to construct sentences inside the game . Some of the paths draw the well know constellations

Progression through blue-watercolored environments and different path branches. 



Unity ML agents.  Agent on inference using Imitation Learning techniques . The same artificial intelligence agent is able to solve some of the scenes of the video game and is noted by used a different font


If you find it interesting, please consider rate it, comment or give some specific feedback, or support towards the building of new chapters and scenes.

The future might include set up a conversation by chapters with different branching factors.

Akwoledgments and credits : ( Kudos ) 

Flipper83, Beatriz Alonso

Development log